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An interior view of a period house looking through a doorway into a room hung with modern art.

Our collection

Tracing the history of Modern British art from 1900 to now

A ‘collection of collections’.

We care for a world class collection of Modern British and contemporary art, largely formed of donations by passionate collectors over 35 years.

Each group of works has been formed by different collectors who all had different impulses and interests. These collections each have their own character, revealing different stories and insights into not just Modern British art but Britain as a whole.

The collection is a revelation.

Jackie Wullschlager, Financial Times

Discover the stories behind our collections

Our founding collections

Discover the artworks and collectors which began our story.

Filling in the gaps

Our founding collections set the scene but these collections have helped us tell the wider story of British art.

Individual gifts and bequests

Our collection of collections doesn’t just tell the story of Modern British art. It also tells the story of a number of individuals from all walks of life who chose to give their collections to us.

Contemporary collections

To keep telling the story of Modern British art from 1900 to now, we need to continue collecting works by living artists – and these collections are helping us do just that.

Help us build our collection

Find out how you can leave us a legacy or talk to our Development team if you would like to donate an artwork or collection.

Russell Le Page [head of development)

+44 (0) 1243 770839