Friendship is unique

Becoming a Friend of Pallant House Gallery means more than just free entry every time you visit. You are also helping the Gallery to care for, build, and display its world-class collection of Modern British art for everyone to enjoy, today and in years to come.

The Friends of Pallant House Gallery was founded in 1979 by a group of people who wished to see Pallant House transform into a gallery, to house and maintain the art collection which Dean Walter Hussey had bequeathed to the City of Chichester two years previously.

With the help of these Friends, and some generous benefactors, Pallant House was opened as an art gallery in 1982. By 2003, just over 20 years later, there were 1,700 Friends of Pallant House and by the end of 2013 the Friends numbered 4000.

The Friends' unwavering support through fundraising and donations and their enthusiasm for seeing the Gallery develop has helped build a unique and lively cultural, learning and community resource for all.

Becoming a Friend ensures the Gallery stays that way.