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Collage of a face with flowers and jewellery around it

This exhibition celebrated the colourful and diverse artworks celebrating 20 years of our Community Programme.

At the start of 2022 Community Programme members were asked how they would like to celebrate 20 years of the programme. The final idea was to put together this co-curated exhibition with a focus on over 70 20x20cm artworks. Each work celebrated the individual creativity of each person, whilst showing the vibrancy of the community when they are all brought together. Community Programme members were invited to create a work best represented themselves as an artist. Some people chose to display a work that is typical of their usual style or preferred subject matter. Others chose to paint self-portraits or items that signify their identity as an artist. Whilst this display showed just a small glimpse into the full scale of our members’ creativity, it was reflective of the diverse styles, influences and practices of our Community of artists.

This anniversary encouraged people to reflect on their engagement with the Gallery. This may be experiences of visiting exhibitions, partaking in workshops, trips or our unique Partners in Art scheme. The values of the Community Programme have changed little over the past 20 years because they focus on principals that are person-centred and inclusive. Our core values that everyone is entitled to a creative life and that people are treated fairly and equally have been the cornerstone of the Community Programme.

The exhibition included personal key moments, memories from individuals and a word cloud using words suggested by participants about what the programme means to them.

The Community Programme is very much guided by the hopes and aspirations of its members and we are excited to see where the next 20 years lead.