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This Is Us

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Discover the creative lives of members of our Community Programme in celebration of it 20th anniversary in 2022.

‘This is Us’ is a series of photographs and accompanying audio commissioned to celebrate 20 years of Pallant House Gallery’s Community Programme.

The Community Programme is unique in its ability to offer a range of pathways for involvement. There are no set outcomes and people participate in a way that suits them, their needs and most importantly their artistic interests.

First and foremost we talk about the art people create – this shared interest is important because it allows people to focus on an identity as an artist rather than being defined by support needs or a particular disability.

For many involved, the Community Programme plays a significant role in their lives and well-being. Each of these photographs capture a moment on a personal journey and celebrate the people involved and their creative lives.

It’s holistic medication. So it’s not just about taking the pills, it’s about having a space where culturally, it can inspire you, it can uplift you. It gives you visually something beautiful to look at or something for my intellect to grab on to and concentrate on rather than actually how I’m feeling. Kate

You know, I’ve got some lovely memories. And it’s always interesting. And if nothing else, even if you sit there and don’t produce anything, for however long you’re here, you’re always going to have a chat with someone. Mark

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Photography by Lynn Weddle
Audio by Anya Ustaszewski.

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