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Simon Roberts: Inscapes

[ Exhibition )

Colour photograph of the photographer Simon Roberts on location in the South Downs, pictured with his camera equipment in a landscape of dried bracken and green trees in the background as well as framing the foreground

Simon Roberts on Locations, South Downs © Sandra Mickiewicz, 2019

A photographic meditation on the hinterland of Sussex.

How connected are we to our local landscapes? How can an essence of a place be captured?

A series of photographic, video- and sound-based landscape studies by artist-photographer Simon Roberts explored these questions as he journeyed on foot through the wild and secluded hinterland of West Sussex. He focused on locations surrounding Petworth where British painter Ivon Hitchens loved to paint, connecting with the subject of the gallery’s headline summer exhibition whilst following in the footsteps of one of Britain’s most admired modern landscape painters.

Scroll on to discover more of Roberts’ photographic, video- and sound-based studies.

Listen to the sounds of Sussex

Roberts’ sound-based landscape studies provide a multi-sensory experience of Sussex’s landscapes, converging time through the eyes of two artists working decades apart. Sounds from modern life question our expectations of how landscapes are depicted in art.

In Conversation with Simon Roberts and Alexandra Harris

Simon Martin, Director of Pallant House Gallery explores the meaning of place with artist-photographer Simon Roberts and writer Dr Alexandra Harris.

(This is a recording of a talk which took place in the Gallery on Thursday 25 July 2019.)

Spring Stage (2019) by Simon Roberts

A ‘slow-look’ film that questions how the essence of a place can be captured.

The split screen of the film into four panels is an echo of Hitchens’ use of double and triple square format. By splicing together footage filmed within Sussex’s rural South Downs, Roberts’ asks us to question how landscapes can be represented in art, whilst encouraging closer observation of the landscapes on our doorstep. Alongside his photographic and sound-based landscape studies, placed throughout the gallery, the film features locations where Hitchens loved to paint.