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Role Models: Portraits of Poets and Writers

[ Exhibition )

Print of a woman wearing a vertical striped white and green shirt with a white collar holding a cigarette in her right hand with elbow on her knee. In the background are kaleidoscopic lines of red and blue.

This exhibition explored drawings, collages and prints of writers and poets and to discover the relationships that inspired them.

Some of the artists were friends with the writers they painted, like Edouard Manet and Charles Baudelaire and Michael Ayrton and Dylan Thomas. For others, it is their heroes or icons that are the focus of their work. Soheila Sokhanvari’s Kobra (Kobra Saeedi) depicts Kobra Saeedi, an actor and poet who fought for artistic freedom in Iran. Other artworks were influenced by stories or poetry, like David Hockney’s etchings inspired by Edward Lear’s poems.

The exhibition celebrated the unique exchange between artists and writers, between two very different mediums – the word and the image.

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