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Rana Begum: No.1367 Mesh

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Photograph of a coloured mesh cloud installation with a woman left looking up at it. She has shoulder length curly brown hair and wears all black.

Acclaimed visual artist Rana Begum RA transforms our historic staircase with No.1367 Mesh, her iconic suspended, colourful mesh clusters, creating a vibrant blend of history and contemporary art.

The monumental installation, No.1367 Mesh, crafted specifically for our historic staircase, features Begum’s iconic colourful mesh clusters (often referred to as ‘clouds’). Each unique configuration brings vibrant colour and organic forms to the 18th-century townhouse, blending history and contemporary art. The gridded material will spill over the landing balcony and through the middle of the staircase. It will allow visitors to experience the artwork from multiple angles.

Rana Begum’s work is known for blurring the boundaries between sculpture, painting, and architecture. It will bring a unique harmony of light, texture, and geometry to the Gallery. Begum draws inspiration from urban landscapes and traditional Islamic art, using light as a fundamental medium to create immersive visual experiences.

Join us from 20 July to experience the magic of Rana Begum’s latest creation. In 2025 Rana Begum will be curating an exhibition drawn from the Pallant House Gallery collection to complement her installation.

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Photograph of a woman with long dark hair wearing a blue jumper stood leaning on a wooden banister

Bio - Rana Begum

Bangladeshi-British visual artist Begum blurs the boundaries between sculpture, painting and architecture. Her distinctive visual language is characterised by repetitive geometric patterns and draws on urban landscapes as well as traditional Islamic art and architecture. Using light as a fundamental medium in her practice, Begum distils spatial and visual experiences into ordered form to produce an experience for the viewer that is both temporal and sensorial.

Rana Begum told us: “I’m excited to have the opportunity to engage with the staircase’s architecture and consider how the function of the space will change the experience of my work. I love how it enables a natural flow around the artwork, allowing it to be perceived from all sides. I’m drawn to the focal window and the abundance of natural light – it feels almost church-like.”

“I’m interested in making colour feel tangible, giving it a physicality that accentuates how one tone interacts with another… it’s always important that the relationship between colour, geometry and texture creates a feeling of calm and tranquillity. I am fascinated by this duality – how the experience of exhilaration and meditation can coexist.”

“By bringing the relationship between form, colour and light into focus, I hope my work can extend beyond a gallery context and encourage the viewer to become more attuned to their everyday surroundings, more sensitive to the varying ways these three elements interact and the moments when they align to create something beautiful.”