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Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making

[ Exhibition )

A textile sculpture depicting various figures gathered around a tree which is at the same scale as them.

Aradne, The Gathering © The Artist

An exhibition by Craftspace and Outside In.

This ambitious exhibition showcased the work of historically renowned Outsider artists alongside contemporary work by those facing barriers to the art world.

‘Radical Craft’ combined Outside In’s fourth open art exhibition with Craftspace’s touring exhibition programme. It created the opportunity for those facing social obstacles through health, disability, personal circumstance or isolation, to display their work by submitting it through Outside In’s website.

Lauren Hamilton co-curated the exhibition, selecting craft works from this open call to show alongside pieces by historically renowned Outsider and self-taught artists. With a focus on craft, making and tacit skill, this exhibition focused on the imagination and creativity of individuals regardless of, or inspired by, the barriers they face.

The exhibition launched at Pallant House Gallery, marking Outside In’s tenth birthday, before touring nationally.

What the press said

Unbound by convention, the outstanding and uninhibited works by the self-taught ‘outsider’ artists taking part in the exhibition showcase the potential of craft as a creative genre.

The Quilter, Spring 2016

…like all shows of outsider art, this one raises many issues. Is it art or is it craft? Is some of the work better than other work and who has the right to decide? All the questions are valid, but don’t let that stop you enjoying this teriffic display simply for the pleasure of seeing remarkable work made by remarkable people.

 Marcus Field, review in Crafts May/June 2016

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