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Nick Goss: Morley’s Mirror

[ Exhibition )

Somewhat abstracted painting showing passengers in a train carriage. One holds a banjo as he sleeps.

Nick Goss, Dolphin Express, detail, 2018, pigment oil and screenprint on linen, 180 x 230 cm (c) The Artist

The first museum show of one of Britain’s most exciting contemporary painters.

Nick Goss (b. 1981) reimagined his home city of London, transforming the cityscape and its interior spaces to explore themes of displacement, natural disaster and the psychology of place.

In this exhibition of 12 of Goss’s large-scale narrative paintings, he combined observations of everyday life in his South London urban surroundings with impressions of the Netherlands’ 1953 Zeeland flood, as recounted by his maternal grandmother, and JG Ballard’s pioneering work of climate fiction, The Drowned World. He used a collage-based approach that layered scavenged imagery drawn from personal memories, contemporary culture and historical events, collapsing time and space. Glimpses of the familiar reflected back at the viewer, rendering the city uncanny, warped and transformed.

To create a visual conversation with his paintings and a number of works on paper, Goss selected works from the Gallery’s collection by Modern British artists who continue to inspire him, including Michael Andrews, Edward Burra and Paul Nash.

Goss’s work is collected internationally and he has had exhibitions in Berlin, New York and London, but this was his first museum show. It included two major new paintings and marked a critical point in the connection of ideas in Goss’s De Ramp (2017) and Dolphin Express (2018) series.

Supported by Josh Lilley, London.


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A birds eye view of a London Underground carriage with a red floor and concentric circles, Along the edges of the frame are peoples legs and shoes.

Nick Goss, Commute (2018)

Nick Goss, Commute, 2018, Oil, pigment and screenprint on linen, 250 x 150 cm © The Artist

Four people pick their way through a flooded street, clutching bags and bundles.

Nick Goss, King Rooster (2017)

Nick Goss, King Rooster, 2017, Oil, pigment and screenprint on linen, 230 x 180 cm, Private Collection © The Artist

A man with blonde hair sitting in a studio

Nick Goss in his Studio, 2017, photograph: Liberto Fillo

A blonde man wearing a black t-shirt and paint splattered trousers sits at a table drawing.

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