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Model Art Gallery of the Future

[ Exhibition )

Miniature art gallery with miniature works with more miniature works on wall to right

Come and see the miniature masterpieces created by children from local schools.

Inspired by our three model galleries in the Masterpieces in Miniature exhibition, local children from 13 local schools created their own amazing works of art. In total we received 333 entries with the age of students ranging from primary school to college.

Each pupil was given a canvas measuring 10cm x 10cm and had the opportunity to create their own miniature works of art in response to works that they encountered on their visit. Some of the works were chosen by assistant curator Lydia Miller and Learning Coordinator Holly Riddle to go on display in a replica of the 2021 Model Art Gallery, including a work featuring the Transgender Symbol inspired by the artist Keith Haring and a work titled Peace for Ukraine, an outline of the country carefully cut out of matchsticks and painted in the colour of the Ukrainian flag, inspired by the current conflict.

Lydia Miller said:

“We were overwhelmed by the response to this project, and incredibly impressed with the high standard of work from these young artists. Each of these miniature canvases is brimming with imagination, originality and creativity – attributes that are paramount to our community, and are vitally important to encourage across our education system. These young people have responded to important questions and relevant topics of today.”

A selection of these works were displayed in the model with the remaining canvases displayed on the wall opposite.

Making of the Model Art Gallery of the Future