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Jann Haworth: Close Up

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Close crop of Work in Progress by Jann Haworth including images of Twiggy, Anne Frank, Rosa Parks and many more.

An exploration of the role of art in community, identity and protest.

The first chance in the UK to see American Pop artist Jann Haworth (b.1942) and Liberty Blake’s (b.1968) mural, Work in Progress. The 28ft mural is the result of a collaborative  community project and celebrates women who were catalysts for change in the arts, sciences and social activism. Featuring over 100 women spanning over 3000 years, it raises the  question of how many of these different lives and endeavours have become unjustly marginalised or forgotten throughout history.

Alongside the mural, discover Haworth’s sculptural and wall-based works dating from the 1960s to the present day. Haworth challenged the conventional perception on form and  appropriate subject matter for sculpture, recreating instead the elderly, doughnuts, newspaper comic sections, charm bracelets and cowboys – all cast in cloth. Her life-size and large-scale works directly engage the viewer in a dialogue with her work. The exhibition goes on to explore female creativity through Haworth’s own selection of works from the Gallery’s collection.

Photograph of a woman with dark hair wearing a red top and blue trousers sitting at a desk with papers and fabric donuts sat on top. In the background is a colourful collage including paper decorated with red and white polka dots and paint splatters.