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Oval clay portrait of a woman with long hair and a large ribbon in a bow

Clay Creations: Sculpt Your Portrait Masterpiece [7+)


[ Children )

This event has passed.

Join us for an exciting two-day workshop, where your child can explore the fascinating world of portraiture.

Inspired by the work of Gwen John, artist Helen Friend will guide your child in moulding and carving a clay portrait of either themselves, a loved one or a work from the exhibition.

On the first day, your child will get to explore the exhibition, sketch ideas and bring them to life by carving their clay figure. On the second day, they’ll add the final touches and use colourful layers to add vibrancy and depth to their masterpiece.

Your child’s artwork will be fired and delivered to the Gallery for collection three weeks later, creating a lasting memory for years to come. Your child will get the chance to express their creativity and create something truly special!

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Oval clay portrait of a woman with long hair and a large ribbon in a bow
Portrait photograph of a woman with long dark curly hair in a floral top smiling.

Artist bio - Helen Friend

Helen is an inspirational and accomplished artist and teacher who is passionate about the arts. She has always immersed herself fully in the creative world, working in both galleries and schools, as well as creating her own work.

Helen has taught art in a range of secondary schools to all levels and abilities. She has recently left a full-time teaching position as Head of Art to focus on her own art practice of ceramics.

The biggest influence on Helen’s own work has been nature and landscape. She uses the process of Raku, where the clay comes together with fire and water to produce dramatic and unexpected results.

Things to note

Please provide your child with a packed lunch.

Your child is welcome to bring images of themselves or someone else for reference.

We advise coming to the workshop in comfortable clothing, that you don’t mind getting messy.

Staff are DBS checked by the Gallery prior to the workshop start date.

We may wish to use photographs of you, your child, or their artwork on our website or social media for marketing purposes. Please let us know, when sharing children’s work via email, if you do not consent to this usage