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Photograph of a tapestry of an abstract landscape with a crescent moon in top left corner and different plants along the full horizontal width. It is in many different bright colours.

Tapestry Workshop: Weaving Landscape and Colour


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Join tutor Caron Penney in this two day weaving workshop inspired by the tapestries of John Craxton and John Piper.

Ever wanted to try your hand at weaving or are looking to improve your existing skills? Join master tapestry weaver, Caron Penney, for this two day workshop where you will take inspiration from John Craxton’s monumental tapestry, learn the basics of hand weaving and create your own unique tapestry to take home.


What to expect?

You’ll begin the workshop at Chichester Cathedral, where you’ll explore the colours, textures, shapes, and forms of Craxton’s handwoven tapestry. Engage in insightful discussions, comparing its themes with the tapestry by John Piper behind the high altar.

Next, venture to the Gallery, where Caron will introduce you to the weaving materials and techniques. Throughout the workshop, you’ll work on a prepped wooden tapestry frame, available to buy at the end of the workshop.

Caron will show you weaving techniques, colour blending, shape creation, and hatching techniques, all reminiscent of Craxton’s tapestry. During the workshop you’ll receive informative handouts, visits to the ‘John Craxton: A Modern Odyssey‘ exhibition, and engage in discussions, ensuring a rewarding two-day workshop.


What will you learn?

Master the basics of hand weaving, including plain weave, starting and ending a thread, understanding shed usage, and developing essential technical skills. At the end of the workshop take home your very own handwoven tapestry.

Unlock your creative potential through the art of hand weaving. Reserve your spot today and get ready to create your own unique tapestry inspired by John Craxton.

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Photograph of a person all in black with black glasses and short hair looking at a framed artwork to the right of them

Tutor bio - Caron Penney

Caron Penney is a master tapestry weaver, who studied at Middlesex University and has worked in textile production for over twenty-five years. Penney creates and exhibits her own artist led tapestries for exhibition and teaches at numerous locations across the UK. She is also an artisanal weaver, and she has manufactured the work of artists from Tracey Emin to Martin Creed.