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Printing Tiles Workshop


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This event has passed.

Have fun with printing in this light touch workshop.

We’ll start by exploring the relief prints within the Hockney to Himid exhibition before heading down to the studio where we will have a go at creating our own printing plates using foam sheeting to create a unique repeating pattern or a one-off piece that explores create abstract or representational images.

This workshop aims to make printing an accessible and playful experience – beginners welcome.

It is lead by Charlotte Cranidge who creates and delivers a range of arts projects for people of all ages and abilities that experiment with creative processes and encourage social interaction.

Charlotte specialises in creating conversational sessions, delivering creative practical workshops and participatory projects. Her focus is to deliver programmes and events that focus storytelling, playfulness, inquisitiveness and experimentation – asking participants to engage in multiple processes to create their own works.

Presently, Charlotte’s practice focuses more on a broader range of materials and working collaboratively with communities. Focusing more on the outcomes that emerge from basic materials, adopting non-conventional treatments of materials and aesthetic potential. However, the roots of her practice lie in painting and printmaking – specialisms she frequently returns too.


The class has a maximum capacity of 15.