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Workshop | Poetry with Dzifa Benson


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This event has passed.

Whether you are an experienced wordsmith or complete beginner wanting to try something new, come and join our Poet-in-Residence, Dzifa Benson, for a fun and creative poetry workshop.

Poets have used visual art as inspiration for poems for centuries. The connections that a poet can make to an artwork via language can transform our understanding of an artwork, but what goes through a poet’s mind when she is considering writing poems inspired by visual art? How does she ensure that the resulting poems are distinct works of art in their own right and not merely a description of the inspiring artwork?

In this adult workshop, participants will explore approaches to ekphrasis – writing inspired by visual art – to amplify and expand on the meaning of some of the artworks in our temporary exhibition Glyn Philpot: Flesh and Spirit. Dzifa will share some examples of her work and guide you in creating a piece of your own.

Entry to the exhibition is included in your ticket and you will be guided through by Dzifa.



Dzifa Benson is a multi-disciplinary live artist who uses literature as her primary mode of expression. The intersections between science, art, the body and ritual and by the question of who or what is invisible animate Dzifa’s practice. She explores this through poetry, storytelling, theatre, performance, libretti, essay, journalism and a range of other media. She also embraces education, collaboration and participation at the heart of her practice. She is interested site-specific work as well as subverting the use of existing spaces.

Find out more via her website.