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Painting of an attic room with a wicker chair to left with white cushion and white umbrella leaning against it and on left an attic window with a small table sat beneath it. Walls are yellow, window is white and carpet is brown red

Hand Built Clay Pots


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This event has passed.

Immerse yourself in Gwen John’s interior paintings and create a hand built pot inspired by her work.

Discover the hidden meanings behind the objects and spaces within John’s work as you learn how to hand-build your own clay pot and master the sgraffito method of carving intricate patterns into your designs.

With expert guidance and insider knowledge with artist Helen Friend, you’ll explore the use of repeating motifs and patterns that make John’s work so unique, and learn how to reflect your own creativity and style in your pottery creations. From photographs of objects and interiors from home that you have a personal connection with, you will create a design for a simple pot.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in Gwen John’s art and bring your own ideas to life in a hands-on, interactive workshop.


Book tickets

You will also have the option to book a lunch with your workshop. Please find more information below.


Lunch from Pallant Café

You have the option to book a delicious packed lunch to enjoy during the break, delivered to you during the workshop. Indulge in the mouth-watering vegetarian Tart of the Month with a side salad, all for just £11. The meal is gluten free.

However, if you prefer to bring your own packed lunch, you’re more than welcome to do so. We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your workshop to the fullest.

All attendees will be provided with hot tea, coffee, or water throughout the day.


What to bring

Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

You should bring an image, preferably printed, of an interior shot of a room at home. You can also bring images of everyday objects from home, for example favourite ornaments, kitchen utensils, tea pots, dinner plates, patterned fabrics etc.

You may also bring in these personal items to work from.


Sgraffito is a pottery technique that involves scratching through a layer of slip (a liquid clay mixture) to reveal a contrasting layer of clay underneath. This technique allows the potter to create intricate designs and patterns on the surface of their pottery.

Artist bio

Photograph of woman with long wavy dark hair from shoulders up

Helen Friend

Helen is an inspirational and accomplished artist and teacher who is passionate about the arts. She has always immersed herself fully in the creative world, working in both galleries and schools, as well as creating her own work.

Helen has taught art in a range of secondary schools to all levels and abilities. She has recently left a full-time teaching position as Head of Art to focus on her own art practice of ceramics.

The biggest influence on Helen’s own work has been nature and landscape. She uses the process of Raku, where the clay comes together with fire and water to produce dramatic and unexpected results.