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Photo of a close up of the lense of a camera with someone holding it as if they are about to take a photo

Capturing Still Life Photography

10am - 4pm


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Join us for an immersive workshop delving into the art and technique of still life photography.

Inspired by the striking photography in our current exhibition, the Shape of Things: Still Life in Britain? Take a deep dive with artist and teacher Shaun Lynas, in a workshop catering to both beginners and intermediate photographers.

Throughout the day, Shaun will provide guidance and individual support as we blend theoretical instruction with hands-on practice and collaborative critique. From revisiting digital camera basics to mastering composition, lighting, and thematic storytelling, participants will gain valuable insights into interpreting objects through photography.

The workshop kicks off with an introduction followed by a guided tour of the Shape of Things for inspiration. We’ll then dive into technical sessions on still life fundamentals before transitioning to hands-on photography, where you’ll create your own setups inspired by the exhibition themes.

Cap off the day by sharing your work for feedback and discussion. By the end, you’ll leave with your own collection of still life photographs, showcasing your technical skills and personal interpretation of the exhibition’s themes.

Gain confidence and inspiration to further explore the storytelling potential of still life photography.

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What do I need to bring?

This workshop is perfect for those at a beginner or intermediate level eager to hone their photography skills. While familiarity with your camera’s manual settings is recommended, Shaun will be there to refresh your memory on the basics and offer support every step of the way.

While participants with DSLR or mirrorless cameras will benefit from a wider range of creative options, we warmly welcome those using camera phones, tablets, and other digital cameras to join and fully participate in the workshop. Though we won’t have access to computers during the session, feel free to bring your own laptop or tablet if you find it helpful for note-taking or reference.

Why not add lunch from Pallant Café?

The cafe offers a freshly prepared lunch box for £11, which will be delivered to you during the break. Simply add it to your basket when you purchase your workshop ticket. There are a range of meal options which you can choose from the menu on the day.

During this session, there will be a self-service tea and coffee cart with a selection of delicious biscuits.

Photograph of a man in a dark jacket, cheque shirt and dark glasses standing in a street

Artist educator - Shaun Lynas

Shaun Lynas is an accomplished fine artist and educator with expertise in drawing, printmaking, and photography. He holds a BA degree in Fine Art from the Kingston School of Art and has exhibited his work in various international locations, including London, Vienna, and Taiwan. Shaun’s art often delves into themes of memory and personal histories, offering a reflective lens on everyday experiences.

In addition to his artistic practice, Shaun has a significant background in teaching. He offers art and design classes in Further Education and leads photography workshops for adults and community learning programs. His teaching philosophy emphasizes a person-centred approach, aiming to foster an environment where participants can explore and express their creative visions.