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BSL Guided Tour of Sussex Landscape


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This event has passed.

Discover the Sussex Landscape: Chalk, Wood and Water exhibition with a BSL guided tour with Assistant Curator, Miriam O’Connor Perks.

Join our Assistant Curator, Miriam O’Connor Perks, and British Sign Language interpreter, Miranda Ellis, on this accessible guided tour of our temporary exhibition.

Showcasing the artistic heritage of Sussex, the exhibition features the work of some of the greatest landscape artists such as Constable and Turner, alongside contemporary artists working in the area today. The diverse range of works, which includes print, sculpture, photography and digital pieces, will allow you to explore the beauty of Sussex as a place of creativity, exploration, retreat and alternative lifestyles. Come and discover Sussex in a new light through the eyes of these talented artists.

You will explore key artworks on display, discover why artists were drawn to Sussex for artistic inspiration and learn about how this exhibition was curated.

This tour is targeted at the deaf and hard of hearing and is limited to 6 visitors per tour. The cost of the tour is £3.50 and admission is free. You are also welcome to bring someone to support you free of charge.

To book your tour, contact our team via email on or by phone on (0)1243 774557.