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Significant Objects: The Things That Matter

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A set of shelves with many small sections filled with small items, photos and keepsakes.

Lisa Mundy, Kept and Treasured

Explore Significant Objects, our latest exhibition in Room 6 this spring.

Inspired by the main exhibition’s exploration of still life, artists from our Community Programme have created artworks that illustrate the significance of objects in our lives. Some of these artworks share stories about shared experiences with objects. Others offer personal and intimate reflections on how we assign value. The process of selecting these objects has sparked conversation amongst the artists, exploring what we choose to hold onto and what inspires us.

Step into the exhibition to discover labels written by the artists themselves, unraveling the reasons and thoughts behind their chosen objects. These labels offer a unique window into the creative minds of our talented artists.

Community Programme Values

Each artwork in the exhibition reflects the unique identity of our Community Programme artists, highlighting both their collective spirit and individual uniqueness. The exhibition aims to bring to life the values and ethos of our Community Programme, which have evolved over the past 21 years. They guide our community’s artistic journey with a clear sense of direction and purpose.


The Community Programme Values:

We treat everyone fairly and equally.

We recognise everyone’s right to a creative life.

We respect individual creativity.

We support growth and development.

We direct people towards what is most appropriate for their development, whether at the Gallery or beyond.