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A still life arrangement of a red jug surrounded by a red, grey and yellow goblet and teal coloured bowl against a blue background.

Consumer Culture and Still Life: British Pop Art

7 - 8pm


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Discover how American consumer culture influenced British artists of the 1950s and 1960s with assistant curator, Miriam O’Connor Perks.

Join us for a fascinating online talk delving into the impact of American consumer culture on British artists during the dynamic decades of the 1950s and 1960s.

Discover how the post-war period in Britain sparked a resurgence of idealism, and how artists like Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton, Jann Haworth, and David Hockney used pop art to reflect the era’s optimism and aspirational identity.

Explore how British pop art, music, and mass media converged to shape a new cultural landscape, and how still life art evolved to capture the proliferation of consumer goods and changing economies. You can see examples of these works in our exhibition, The Shape of Things: Still Life in Britain.

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Photograph of a woman wearing a ink jumper and blue jeans with long curly brown hair stood in front of an artwork hung on a white wall. It shows an abstract head made up of many different coloured shapes.

Speaker bio - Miriam O'Connor Perks

Miriam O’Connor Perks is Assistant Curator at Pallant House Gallery. She completed her master’s in art history and museum Curating at the University of Sussex in 2018. She has written the essay, ‘Accelerated Decay: Consumer Culture and Still Life’ for the catalogue to The Shape of Things: Still Life in Britain.