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Painting of a table laden with food and drink and elaborate crockery including a lobster, a shell, fruit and goblets. All are painted with a technique that makes the whole thing seem as if the paint is dripping away.

Curator’s Talk: Still Life Reimagined by Today’s Artists

6 - 7.30pm

£15 (£13.50 for Friends)

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Join our Chief Curator, Melanie Vandenbrouck, for an exploration of the relevance of still life to contemporary artists and audiences.

Far from being a genre confined to the past, still life continues to offer artists a fertile ground for formal investigation. Beyond its traditional definition as an arrangement of inanimate objects on a picture plane, still life is used to explore the human condition and grapple with some of the most pressing issues of our time.

From Hurvin Anderson to Rachel Whiteread, Gordon Cheung to Caroline Walker, Mona Hatoum to Edmund de Waal and others, this talk will discuss how contemporary artists reimagine still life, whether taking inspiration from its historical roots, or by observing the world and society today.

Tickets cost £15 and include a glass of wine or sparkling elderflower.

Our exhibitions The Shape of Things: Still Life in BritainPhoebe Cummings: I hear myself in my throat and British Studio Ceramics:From Bernard Leach to Magdalene Odundo will be open from 5pm until 8pm. You can purchase a half-price admission ticket below:

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