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Create Your Own Book Cover [ 7+ )

1 - 3pm


[ Children )

This event has passed.

Unleash the magic of stories in our illustrated book covers workshop.

Join us for an enchanting workshop where the pages of your child’s favourite books come to life through their very own illustrations.

In our Studio, children will embark on an artistic adventure by illustrating scenes and characters from the stories that have captured their imaginations. Whether it’s a fairytale, a tale of adventure, or friendship, these beloved stories will serve as the foundation for our artistic journey.

Taking inspiration from the innovative book jackets of John Craxton, we’ll delve into the world of modern book cover design. Through the lens of Craxton’s creativity, we’ll reimagine the covers of contemporary books, infusing them with our own imaginative twists.

Children are invited to bring their favourite book along and bring it to life in a visual form. From sketching out characters to designing the layout and placement of the book jacket, every detail will reflect the essence of the story. Kids will even explore typography to create captivating titles that entice readers to dive into these reimagined worlds.

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Things to note

We advise that children wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting a bit dirty.

Please provide your child with a drink and snack for the break during the workshop.

We will be taking photographs during the workshop, if you would prefer your child not to be photographed, just let us know.

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Artist educator's bio - Diane Dunning

The workshop is run by Chichester-based illustrator Diane Dunning. Diane has a background in Collagraphy, digital illustration and mixed-media design and commercial experience working in digital design, education and art within the community.

Diane’s Illustration is often inspired by the characteristics, nuances and personality of animals together with the wider beauty of nature. Her work is quirky, playful and light and she uses her Instagram page as a key central platform that allows her to connect with the wider creative world and receive feedback and inspiration from creators and art lovers across the globe.