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A young girl smiles at the camera as she makes a badge next to a tray of colourful pens.

Collaging Your Holiday Snaps [ 7+ )


[ Children )

This event has passed.

Capture your memories in your own holiday collage masterpiece!

Join us for an immersive workshop where your cherished holiday photographs will take centre stage as a Christmas gift.

Children will begin the workshop with a journey up to the John Craxton: A Modern Odyssey exhibition armed with a sketchbook. Here, they will get to explore the intricate dance of light and shadow that Craxton used in his works.

Back in the Studio, your kids will create collage pieces using images from old holiday photographs. We’ll transform your holiday snapshots into captivating pieces that radiate colour, texture, and tone. Just as Craxton’s masterpieces evoke emotion through contrasting tones, we will show children how to weave memories into unique works of art.

At the end of the workshop, every artwork will be lovingly wrapped, ready to be shared as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. What better way to celebrate the festive period than through an artwork that captures your precious memories?

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Things to note

We advise that children wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting a bit dirty.

Please provide a packed lunch and drink for your child. There will be a lunch break during the workshop.

We will be taking photographs during the workshop, if you would prefer your child not to be photographed, just let us know.

Photograph of woman with long wavy dark hair from shoulders up

Artist educator bio - Helen Friend

Helen is an inspirational and accomplished artist and teacher who is passionate about the arts. She has always immersed herself fully in the creative world, working in both galleries and schools, as well as creating her own work.

Helen has taught art in a range of secondary schools to all levels and abilities. She has recently left a full-time teaching position as Head of Art to focus on her own art practice of ceramics.

The biggest influence on Helen’s own work has been nature and landscape. She uses the process of Raku, where the clay comes together with fire and water to produce dramatic and unexpected results.