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Print of overlapping leaves in green blue and pink.

Adult Workshop | Gelli Plate Printing


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This event has passed.

Let your imagination run wild with Charlotte Cranidge as you use gelli printing to produce a portfolio of prints of the Sussex landscape.

Drawing inspiration from key locations within Sussex and our Sussex Landscape exhibition, you will create a series of simplified stencils. These will be used alongside natural materials scoured from the area to create a series of gelli plate prints.

The prints can explore and play with a range of different styles and techniques. You can even paint landscapes and seascapes directly onto the plates, or use the materials and stencils to create more abstract interpretations of the surrounding landscapes.

There is no pressure to create a ‘final’ piece, instead you will leave with a small portfolio of prints and the tools to confidently continue experimenting and creating at home. You come away with a plate.

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What is Gelli Plate printing?

Portrait photograph of a woman with long straight brown hair in a black top smiling at the camera.

Artist bio - Charlotte Cranidge

Charlotte specialises in creating conversational events, creative practical workshops and participatory projects. Within her work she aims to deliver programmes and events that focus storytelling, playfulness, inquisitiveness and experimentation – asking participants to engage in multiple processes to create their own works.

Presently she partners with cultural, heritage and clinical settings to develop resources and produce creative outcomes collaboratively with communities. Drawing inspiration from unique collections, exhibitions and artworks, Charlotte creates programmes that present an exciting, alternative way of learning, complementing the formal education system and engaging all ages.

As an artist Charlotte’s practice focuses more on the outcomes that emerge from basic materials, adopting non-conventional treatments of materials and aesthetic potential. However, the roots of her practice lie in painting and printmaking – specialisms she frequently returns too.