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Current Patrons

Gold Patrons

John and Annoushka Ayton

Douglas and Maxine Blausten

Rupert and Sarah Burgess

Dominic and Sarah Caldecott

Andrew and Julia Cussins

Thomas and Elsebeth Gatacre

Duke and Duchess of Richmond & Gordon

Jackie and David Russell

Tania Slowe and Paddy Walker

Mark and Sophie Wood

The John Young Charitable Trust


Silver Patrons

Hugh Bonneville and Lulu Williams

Oliver and Kate Chipperfield

Jeremy Greenwood and Alan Swerdlow

James Holland Hibbert

Damian and Miranda Montagu

David Shalit MBE and Sophie Shalit

Christopher and Diane Sheridan

David and Deborah Stileman

Mark Washer and Paulo Camara

Angela and John Wormald



Judy Addison Smith

Jeremy and Deborah Alun-Jones

Robin and Joan Judith Alvarez

George and Kirsty Anson

Susan Anstruther

The Earl and Countess of Balfour

David and Elizabeth Benson

George and Jane Blunden

Vanessa Branson

Desmond and Jennifer Browne

Mark Burch

Rollo Campbell

Keith and Helen Clark

John and Susan Coldstream

Katherine Crouan

Jolyon and Christine Drury

Lorna Dunphy

Derek and Christine Dunton

Natasha Excell

Guy and Laurie Fletcher

Geoffrey and Jane Gestetner

Marion Gibbs

Rupert Gorman and Rebecca Hulse

Paul and Kay Goswell

Richard and Lucinda Grant

Tom and Julia Haxworth

Robert and Suzette Hayes

Edward and Jacqueline Herrington

Nick and Caroline Higbee

Richard and Lucy Hodgson

Andrew Jones and Laura Hodgson

Jeremy and Davina Instone

James and Clare Kirkman

Jamie and Julia Korner

Gordon and Louise Lawson

Simon Mark Lazarus

Charitable Foundation

Emma Lochhead

Paul Lyon-Maris and Robin Muir

Timothy Bouquet and Sarah Mansell

Roger and Jac Mavity

Tristram and Rebecca Mayhew

Keith and Debbie Mitchelson

Conrad and Elspeth Murphy

Gareth Neame

Chris and Annie Newell

Angie O’Rourke

Euan and Harriet O’Sullivan

Maureen Paley

Graham and Sybil Papworth

Simon and Harriet Patterson

Robin and Bridget Pinchbeck

James and Bianca Pitt

Quintin and Elizabeth Price

Roger and Jane Reed

Charles and Jans Rolls

Robert and Corinne Rooney

Tim and Andrea Steer

Michael and Zsuzsanna Slowe

Hannah and Alf Strange

John and Susie Wells

Michael and Rachel Weston

Tim and Judith Wise

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