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Photograph of six people sat around a table

Pallant Partners

Pallant Partners is a National Lottery Community Fund project that started in 2018. It has seen Pallant House Gallery partner with local organisations to increase creative opportunities for the people they work with.

The success of these partnerships is shown in the way art has become an important part of people’s lives and how they feel comfortable visiting the Gallery. Prior to the project, some of the groups had not had any previous engagement with the Gallery at all.

This project also allows us to create resources that can be shared with other local groups. One highlight has been establishing a bi-annual Support Workers Networking and Wellbeing Event. This event helps us to share best practice and communicate the opportunities we have at the Gallery that may be suitable for those needing support.

We are very grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund for enabling this extended outreach work to take place and we would like to thank all the partner organisations, participants and artists who have been involved.

Pallant Partners works with 7 local organisations to increase engagement with groups who may otherwise not connect with the Gallery. The aim is to increase opportunities through creative workshops and encourage new people to join Partners in Art and the Community Programme. Pallant Partners is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.


It’s great to have the space to work large and be messy!

Participant from Early Intervention in Psychosis Service

Who are the Pallant Partners?


Stonepillow support and empower homeless and vulnerable people to achieve sustainable independence and wellbeing. Prior to Covid-19 we ran regular sessions in the Bognor Hostel and Hub. Since Covid-19 we have run creative sessions for staff and residents using the Stone Pillow Recovery Service. We are also developing a resource for support workers to use when visiting the Gallery.

Communities in Mind, West Sussex Mind (Over 65s Group)
Many people experience social isolation and this impacts their mental health and well-being. Communities in Mind support people over 65 (in the Chichester, Arun and Adur areas) who are feeling low, have depression, anxiety or other mental health needs, especially if they are isolated.

Pallant House Gallery Artist Educator Jo Dowers has facilitated regular creative sessions with Communities in Mind. The sessions have created a space where people feel able to explore new skills and be creative in a sociable environment.


Community Programme artists chatting while doing art


The art sessions are so beneficial, they are the best attended activity offered to the people we support.

The sessions have an air of tranquillity about them; everyone is engaged with what they’re doing and the time goes so quickly. This allows their mind to be free of any challenges they may be experiencing and instead focus on what they’re creating.

It is wonderful to see how delighted people are with what they have achieved and how keen they are to take their art away with them.

Julia Dendle, Group Coordinator, Communities in Mind (Chichester and Arun)

Connolly House

Connolly House is an Inpatient Recovery Unit in Chichester for people with mental health issues.

Over the past 12 months creative sessions have taken place twice a month at Connolly House in the designated art room. These sessions were led by Gallery Artist Educator, Iona Hughes. Iona tailored the sessions to meet the group’s needs and interests, whilst enabling people to experience different techniques, learn new skills and meet others within the security of a familiar and safe space. Popular sessions have included etching, making clay objects by hand and collagraph printing.

Westergate House
Westergate House is a nursing and residential care home in Fontwell. Specialising in Dementia care, they offer a ‘person-centred’ approach to enabling people to pursue their interests and independence.

Artist Educators, accompanied by Gallery staff, visited Westergate House every month to facilitate conversations about art and run creative workshops. Exploring themes such as Still Life, Landscape and Nature, the sessions have been full of laughter and fun as people have tried new things and enjoyed the freedom creative activities offer. Residents of Westergate House have also enjoyed outings to the Gallery to see the exhibitions and sample the Pallant Café’s delicious cheese scones!

Early Intervention In Psychosis Service
Early Intervention in Psychosis Service (EIPS) provides community-based support to people aged 14 to 65 who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis. Early intervention means getting help quickly for unusual, distressing experiences in order to start recovery as soon as possible and reduce the likelihood of future episodes.

During the first phase of the project, workshops were run from the Bedale Centre in Bognor. After Covid-19 the group sessions moved to the Gallery Studio. The creative workshops have included ceramic sessions and Photo Walks on Bognor Seafront.


Photo of woman with white hair painting from behind

Social Prescribing is a fantastic opportunity, to support people to have a healthier connection with their communities. Recognising that public health and wellbeing is impacted significantly by a range of social, economic and environmental factors – going beyond the GP’s prescription pad. Our positive relationship with Pallant House Gallery has allowed us to collaborate on a Creative Conversations project, offering people an opportunity to connect through art.

Freddie Jones, Senior Social Prescriber – Chichester District Social Prescribing Service

Pathfinder West Sussex (Chichester and Bognor)

Pathfinder is an alliance of organisations who work together to enable people with mental health support needs, and their carers, to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

The Gallery has worked with Pathfinder over the past year to offer bespoke Gallery taster sessions as part of the ‘Pathfinder 5 Ways to Wellbeing’ Programme. These sessions have encouraged people to experience the wellbeing benefits of looking at art and are a way to introduce the Gallery’s Community Programme to new audiences.

Chichester Social Prescribing team

Social prescribing is an opportunity for people to talk through some of the non-medical issues in their life, which may be impacting their health and wellbeing. Community activities can help support people in a holistic way to connect with opportunities that best suit their needs and interests, recognising people’s health is often affected by a range of social factors. People can be referred into the Chichester Social Prescribing service through their local GP practice, a health professional, or now through self-referral.

Our Creative Conversations sessions aim to reach people who are accessing social prescribing services and provide a space where people can meet at the Gallery to informally discuss artworks. The sessions are facilitated by Gallery staff, with all opinions valued and encouraged, and close with time to enjoy refreshments together.