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A painting by Paule Vézelay depicting a young woman with bobbed curly hair wearing a pink shirt and her arms raised, hands resting gently on her head. She looks directly out at the viewer.

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?


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In 1971, art historian Linda Nochlin raised a question which was heard around the world: “Why have there been no great women artists?”

In answer to this, Flavia Frigeri will consider why women artists have so often been written out of art history, while also drawing attention to select examples of women artists who have radically changed the face of art history.


Dr. Flavia Frigeri is an Art Historian and Curator, currently Teaching Fellow in the History of Art department at University College London. Prior to that she served as a Curator at Tate Modern, where she was responsible for ‘The World Goes Pop’ (2015), among other exhibitions. She recently published a book surveying the production of women artists from the Renaissance to the present.