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Art and the Modern World | Everything is Art, Everything is Politics: Ai Weiwei


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Learn about the trials of Chinese anti-establishment artist Ai Weiwei in the second of our 'Art and the Modern World' talks.

Ai Weiwei first came to people’s attention in Britain with his Sunflower Seeds installation in Tate Modern in 2010.  While it was still on display in 2011, he was imprisoned and mentally tortured.  This followed physical abuse he had suffered in 2008, causing him to distance himself from the ‘Birds’ Nest’ stadium, which he had co-designed for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

With his provocative and often beautiful work, he continues to be a thorn in the side of the Chinese Establishment. Led by Frank Woodgate

11am – 1pm

Single session £30, £20 [under 30s)

Full course £75, £50 [under 30s)

The second part of our short course looking at the ways artists respond to the world around them and use their art to communicate feelings, opinions, criticisms and fears about society, in the hope of improvement and change.