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Photograph of Coventry Cathedral, with a gothic tower and newer brick building attached

Art and the Modern World | Coventry Cathedral: Icon and Inspiration


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An image of togetherness forged from conflict, our 'Art and the Modern World' series closes with the story of the 20th century rebuilding of Coventry Cathedral.

The extraordinary story of the rebuilding of Coventry Cathedral as a symbol of peace and reconciliation in the aftermath of the destruction of the Second World War. Within Basil Spence’s vision of Coventry as a ‘casket of jewels’, experience its inspiring commitment to the modern and discover the work of many of the world-class artists associated with its treasures including Epstein, Frink, Piper and Sutherland. Led by Alexandra Epps.

11am – 1pm

Single session £30, £20 [under 30s)

Full course £75, £50 [under 30s)

The third and final part of our short course looking at the ways artists respond to the world around them and use their art to communicate feelings, opinions, criticisms and fears about society, in the hope of improvement and change.