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Five people sit actively listening to a talk

American Originals II | Jackson Pollock: Abstract Art in Action

11am - 1pm

From: £20

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Explore the work of two extraordinary American Abstract Expressionists, pioneers in both form and style, who created some of the most innovative and culturally resonant images of our times.

“The source of all my paintings is the unconscious.”

Jackson Pollock’s almost mythic reputation rests on his large Action Paintings, as well as the dramatic excesses of his life. His radical technique involved dripping and flicking intricate layers of paint onto very large canvases placed on the floor. Pollock would encircle the canvas in a type of gestural dance, engaging directly and unconsciously with the painting process.

Often misunderstood, Pollock’s expressive style required discipline and creative control. In our interactive talk, we’ll explore Pollock’s visions, his uniquely personal creative process along with a few of his demons.

Single session £30 [under 30s, £20)

Full course of 2 sessions £50 [under 30s, £30)

All art course sessions include a short break during which tea, coffee and pastries will be served.

American-born and Brighton-based, Richard Cupidi is an experienced art historian, educator and visual storyteller specialising in 20th c. American art, art of the Early Renaissance and Film Studies. He has taught, performed and run workshops in a range of settings including Tate Modern, the Barbican, Goldsmiths, Brighton Festival, Lighthouse, Kings College, Chichester Cinema, Sussex University, University of Brighton, the Towner and Pallant House Gallery. As a visual storyteller, he has the ability to make his topics come alive, to entertain as well as inform.