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Pallant Arts Award Club 2020-21

Welcome to Pallant Arts Award Club 2020-21

Make sure to visit this page on the nominated workshop days to watch our video instructions, which will help you to complete each task at home with the materials sent to you.

Arts Award is a range of nationally-recognised unique qualifications that supports anyone aged up to 25 to grow as artists and art leaders. It inspires them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking challenges in an art form – from fashion to digital art, pottery to poetry.

Pallant Arts Award Club was run Esther Heylen and Deirdre Carolin. If you would like to register your interest for any future Arts Award Clubs that we run, please contact Esther or Deirdre.

Moderators can download the Arts Award Evidencing Books here

If you have any questions, please contact Alex Bogard, Learning Coordinator (

June | Brief Make

Create a miniature artwork no bigger than 10am x 10cm, inspired by the Gallery’s model art galleries. Watch the video below for further instructions (please note this video also contains details on the May workshop as well).

May | Art Around Us

Create a guide for Pallant House Gallery using the paper weaving you created in February’s workshop. Once the Gallery reopens on 18 May, you can visit to take your own pictures or use the one supplied in your material packs. Watch the video below for further instructions (please note this video also contains details on the June workshop as well).

Saturday 10 April | Drawing with Scissors

In this month’s workshop we will create a collaborative artwork inspired by Matisse’s cut-outs.

Contents of pack:

  • One or two pieces of A4 blue paper for background
  • Various smaller pieces of coloured paper for image
  • Matisse information sheet
  • Sheet showing examples from previous workshops
  • Cartridge paper for drawing of shell
  • Shell to draw from

Henri Matisse, The Dancer (From the Prints for Schools), 1949, Lithograph on paper, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester (Wilson Loan 2006)

Please watch the video below before you begin. We are going to produce a collaborative seascene inspired by Henri Matisse’s cutouts.

Download a resource sheet on Matisse

But before you start:

Take your shell and make a pencil drawing on to the cream cartridge paper supplied.

Then gather some objects or pictures of sea life and make some more drawings of these either separately or gathered together.

Here are some quotes by Matisse to inspire you.

“A single tone is just a colour; two tones are a chord, that’s life.”

“I do not cut out the oranges and reds in the same way as the greens or the blues. There is tenderness in this green.”

“Paper-cuts enable me to draw directly on colour. Instead of drawing an outline and filling in the colour I draw directly into colour.”

So – draw with your scissors. Cut your shape straight out of the colour, without hesitation.

Saturday 20 March | Modroc Easter Bunny

This month’s workshop shows you how to create your own Easter Bunny using plastic bags and Modroc! Watch the video below for instructions.

Saturday 13 February | Skill Share - Paper Weaving by Mia Biancardi

This month is the first of two workshops led by two of our Bronze Art Award students.

Mia will show you the art of paper weaving to create an Easter bag and a promotional leaflet for Pallant House Gallery – watch the video and read the instructions below to complete this month’s activities.

Weaving an Easter Gift Bag

Step 1

Cut out the Easter Egg shape printed on the bag.

Step 2

Draw a 3cm border round one of the decorative papers.
Draw 1cm strips vertically inside the border.
Fold the paper in half horizontally and cut along the vertical lines.

Step 3

Cut the second piece of decorative paper into 1cm wide strips.
Weave one strip at a time through the first piece of cut paper, glueing to secure once in position.

Step 4

Glue the completed weaving inside the bag to fill the cut out shape.

Woven Picture

Create a new picture by weaving together two copies of the same image.

You have two copies of a Pallant House Gallery pamphlet.

  1. Fold one picture in half vertically.
    Draw a 2cm border around the edge.
    Draw 1cm lines horizontally across the picture within the border and cut the lines.
  2. On the second photo draw 1cm lines vertically across the paper and cut into strips.
  3. Weave the strips through the first picture.
  4. Secure the strips with glue.

If you want to experiment with other pictures and photos try using a variety of different width strips and/or wavy lines.

Have fun and remember to send us photos of you engaged in the tasks and also of your completed weaving.

Keep hold of your weaving as we are going to use it for another project.

Deirdre and Esther

Saturday 9 January | Painted Landscapes

This month’s workshop consists of two tasks that will help you to create a watercolour painting and draw an optical illusion – read the instructions below to complete this month’s activities.

Painted Landscape

Step 1

Here are the materials required for the activity.

The cartridge paper and paints are contained in your pack, but you will also need masking tape and clingfilm.

Step 2

Use masking tape to form a frame round your paper – this will give a neat edge to the finished pieces.

Step 3

Use water to dilute the watercolour paint and paint a ‘wash’ of colour across the paper, painting over the edges of the masking tape.

You have sufficient paper to experiment with several colour combinations.

Step 4

Use a piece of clingfilm to place loosely over the wet paint and scrunch into folds, then allow to dry in position.

Step 5

When dry remove the clingfilm. We hope you will be amazed by the shapes created; we always are!

Step 6

Carefully peel off the masking tape to reveal the neat edges of your painting.

Step 7

Look at the shapes created and pick out features to create your landscape using the fine black pen provided in a previous pack. You could also experiment with using your white pen (from December’s pack) to highlight.

Step 8

Once you have mastered the basic technique you can experiment with seascapes, or indeed, anything that the lines inspire you do. Have fun!


Optical Illusion

Step 1

Draw round your hand using pencil.

Using a sharpie from your pack draw lines across the paper but leave your hand shape blank.

Step 2

Erase the pencil lines.

Join up the lines using curves for the digits and hand.

Step 3

Colour in the stripes, or leave it monochrome.

Step 4

Experiment with different colours and distance between lines.

Saturday 12 December | Christmas Greetings from Modern British Artists - that includes you!

Send us your Christmas cards and say “Hi!” to your art buddies.

Find inspiration in our Print Room display, Christmas Greetings from Modern British Artists.

Drawing Exercise: Practice drawing trees by copying each image then stick it into your drawing book.

Christmas card materials:

  • Samples of tree drawings
  • Blue card – white pen drawing
  • White card– for “Barnett Freedman” design
  • Black card – for silhouette card
  • White paper template
  • White pen
  • Pack of festive confetti to use as you wish

Watch the instruction video before you start!

Send us a picture of your cards as well as one of you making them wearing something festive and add a comment to our feedback page – we’re teamed you up so please give some feedback on your art buddy.

Kate – Frankie – Lucie-Mae
Orla – Pearl
Dulsie – Marissa
Julia – Rees
Mia – Olivia
Ali – Isabella

  • Please note that comments will be moderated and added to the page at a later date.


Hello Mia, Hope you had a great Christmas! How are you getting along with your art project, we loved doing the cards.


Watch the video below for instructions and more information on this month’s activity.

Saturday 14 November | Pop Art Portraiture

Pick out shapes in the features of your face and colour to make a harmonious whole.  See how you can be mass-produced!

Be inspired by the Gallery Pop art collection as well as the work of Andy Warhol.

Watch the video below for instructions and more information on this month’s activity.

Saturday October 31 | Concertina Peepshow

Barnett Freedman was one of Britain’s most sought-after commercial designers in the mid-20th century. He created promotional materials for many companies, including this promotional concertina peepshow for Shell.

You can see more of Barnett Freedman’s work on our exhibition page.


Watch the video below for instructions and more information on this month’s activity.