In an award ceremony at the Gallery on 11 July 2013, Elspeth Ross from Chichester was named the recipient of the coveted first prize of as solo show at Pallant House Gallery, for her piece 'Vintage Blouse', Hugh Hamrick from Rackham was awarded second prize for 'Green Chair and Owls, Interior' while Josephine Goddard from Bognor received third prize for her work 'The Tragedy of the Titanic'.

In addition Partner in Art volunteer and Chichester resident Sue England and Deborah Richards, Hampshire, were both named highly commended for their works 'The Black Dog' and 'Shipping off Cowes: Dusk II'.

The works were chosen by judges Gregory Perry; Director of Pallant House Gallery, and John Gill; former Director of the Brighton Photo Biennial and Chairman of the British School at Rome, from 60 shortlisted works.  These were selected from 385 entries to the competition of which 40 are currently on display in an exhibition in the Studio of Pallant House Gallery.

Asked about the experience of judging the works, Gregory Perry said: "We were both impressed by the proficiency of the artists and the variety of the selection which reflects the vibrant art community in Sussex and beyond. While making judgements on works of art is not easy as there is always a subjective element, we identified what we thought were the strongest pieces fairly readily."

John Gill agrees: "When judging, you have to try to be as objective as possible though inevitably there is a degree of personal enjoyment that comes into the decision making. Much of the time we were responding to the clear pleasure in making the work, as well as the skill, colour, technique - and an element of being surprised. "