Simon Martin has been the Head of Collections and Exhibitions for several years and has been principally responsible for the many successful exhibitions which the Gallery has shown since its re-opening in 2006 including the critically acclaimed Edward Burra exhibition. He will take on the position of Artistic Director. Marc Steene has headed the ground breaking work of the Gallery in its Learning and Community involvement, including the launch and development of the award-winning Outside In programme. He will draw on his considerable expertise in this area to take responsibility as Executive Director.

David Macmillan, Chairman of the Trustees of Pallant House Gallery says "Marc and Simon are a well-established team with many successes behind them. I am confident that their joint leadership of the Gallery will take it from strength to strength. I look forward very much to working with them to make the Gallery even more successful in the future."

Greg Perry was brought in to effect change at Pallant House Gallery. During his tenure he implemented new structures and systems for effective working at the Gallery. He improved the Gallery's relationship with key official stakeholders and put in place a strategic planning process to provide a framework for the Gallery's aspirations over the next three years. Greg significantly transformed the Gallery's operations during the time he was in Chichester.

Now that these changes are completed, Greg and the Gallery have decided that the Gallery is well placed to take the changes forward under Marc and Simon's leadership. Greg will continue to consult on on-going matters over the next three months to ensure a smooth transition in leadership for the Gallery.

David Macmillan says "I have enjoyed working with Greg during his period as Director. He has introduced many helpful changes to the operation of the Gallery which will stand it in good stead for the future. I wish him well in his forthcoming ventures."