The installation, which has been born out of Gold Run, the multi-­‐ arts collaboration between Pallant House Gallery, Glyndebourne and the arts organization Carousel, combines an intricate cardboard sculpture of a runner preparing for an impossible race with the sounds of the crowds of the Olympic Stadium. As well as providing a strong representation of a disabled athlete’s journey, Gold Run: Remix also reflects Lake’s own journey as a disabled artist, and the ways in which he has broken down his own barriers, through art and creativity.

Speaking of the idea behind Gold Run: Remix, James Lake said: The track is designed to represent a journey faced with hurdles that in one instance are sport-­‐related, but also represent the barriers to success and achievement.” This journey, Lake explains, “seeks to emphasise the disabled athlete’s transformation from an anonymous construct of disability to an individual with a personal identity.”

Following Dilston Grove, Gold Run: Remix will tour  to The Lightbox in Woking, Chapel Arts in Andover, The Brewhouse in Taunton and  to Pallant House Gallery in April 2013.