Stefan van Raay, Director of Pallant House Gallery paid tribute to her:

‘I am sad to hear of Leonora Carrington's death. Only last year we celebrated her highly personal approach to Surrealism in a major exhibition which brought her work together for the first time in Britain for twenty years. A great bonus for me was the chance to get to know Leonora intimately during the preparation for the show. Her life story, her mischievous wit, her wisdom and her humanity enriched my life enormously. I am sure she will live on through her artistic achievements but at the moment I will miss this very extraordinary woman. Leonora was always preoccupied with the big questions of life, death and the After Life. Last year she said to me that the only thing she was sure of is that she knew she didn't know. Now, I suppose, she either knows or she doesn't.'

A book of condolences has been opened in the entrance of the Gallery for visitors to pay tribute to her.