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Case study: Volunteer Learning Programme Assistant

Asha lives in Chichester and first visited Pallant House Gallery as part of a college trip when she was a student at Chichester College. After finishing college, she contacted the Gallery to ask about volunteering opportunities before becoming a Room Steward. After some time as a Room Steward at the Gallery, Asha began volunteering as an assistant within the Learning Department on a Wednesday; helping with school bookings amongst other administrative tasks, whilst continuing her Room Stewarding on a Tuesday.

Why did you want to start volunteering?

Volunteering suits me much better than a full time job - it is much more flexible and is also an excellent way of socialising. I also wanted to put the skills I had learnt at College to good use after finishing.

What interested you about volunteering at Pallant House Gallery?

I was really interested in Pallant House Gallery after visiting as part of a College trip. I studied Art and Design: Textiles at College and when I first considered volunteering, I thought that this would be the perfect place, as I didn't want to lose my passion for art.

What is the best thing about volunteering?

I find it's really nice to help people out. Natalie always has a lot of work to do, so it's nice to be able to say I'll take some of the pressure. It's also brilliant to be using the skills I learnt during my time at College, whilst gaining new skills on-the-job!

How do you think the experience of volunteering has helped you?

I have gained loads of new skills which are often put to the test - Natalie's always testing me on new things which makes me much more confident in what I am able to do. It's great to have responsibility, but also to not have the pressure that often comes with it. I am able to learn from my mistakes instead of being stressed about making them.

Would you recommend volunteering to other people?

Definitely! It is always good to learn new skills and meet new people.

Asha has built up a lovely rapport with the artist educators and she has really brought a young person's voice to the programme. She has a passion for the Gallery and is really dedicated to what she is doing. The flexibility of the role suits the flexibility Asha is looking for, and we regularly review what we are doing which means the role has been tailored to what Asha wants to do. Natalie Franklin, Learning Programme Coodinator