An exhibition celebrating the work of two Partners in Art partnerships: Belinda Paddock and Anne Laws, Helen Mills and Kate Bonella.

Helen Mills and Kate Bonella

Helen: “It’s great to be involved in Partners in Art. It gives me more confidence in my artwork. I enjoy it very much. I recommend it to anyone. It keeps me going, even if I have a few health problems, it doesn’t stop me from coming. The work I make is great. It’s the best thing I have ever done in my life really. It’s got my confidence back. I like doing art it relaxes me. I do new things, I used to just do small drawings but now I do larger ones. They used to be just flowers but now they are lots of different things, I am very good at doing people now.

Helen and Kate have been in partnership for just under three years.

Belinda Paddock and Anne Laws

“We enjoy coming to the Gallery together. We look at the paintings and use them for inspiration which is a wonderful opportunity. We often attend the Quiet Session on a Friday. It is interesting to talk about and try different techniques. We have tried many, for example using metal leaf and we also made some laminated paper broaches which were gilded. Colour is important in both our work.”

Belinda and Anne have been in partnership for three and a half years.

Partners in Art

Partners in Art provides opportunities for people to access the art world on an equal footing, with a partner who shares their passion. The focus is on art, not people’s disability or support needs, and for those involved it is an important and, in many cases, life changing opportunity.

If you would like more information about Partners in Art please contact:

Lucy Greenfield, Community Programme Manager