Sickert in DieppeSickert in Dieppe

Celia Paul Edition

Celia Paul Edition

Celia Paul (b. 1959)
Room, 2014 (Edition of 50)
Signed soft ground etching on 300g
soft white Somerset paper

Celia Paul has donated a limited edition soft-ground etching entitled ‘Room' to be sold in support of Pallant House Gallery. In addition the artist has also donated an Artists Proof of the print to enter the permanent collection. We are very grateful to the artist and to Adam & Rowe, who represent Celia's new prints, for donating the edition.

In an edition of 50, this beautiful print reflects something of the atmosphere of Walter Sickert's iron bedstead paintings and prints. As an admirer of Sickert's work the artists is delighted that her print will be launched to coincide with the opening of Sickert's Dieppe at Pallant House Gallery, (4 July - 3 October 2015).

Celia Paul has written in the Pallant House Gallery Magazine: "Working, as I do, in Central London, not far from where Sickert worked, I sometimes feel haunted by his spirit. I have been doing a series of paintings of the interior where I sleep, the room next to my studio, which looks directly onto the main gates of the British Museum. Behind the British Museum, to the left, I can see the BT Tower: it is a strange, almost voyeuristic presence outside my window. I contrast the horizontal of my bed with the vertical of the Tower and there appears to be almost a dialogue between the two. I hope it is a witty and subversive image, but also haunting. There is nothing in my room apart from a bed, so that the space is just a receptacle for the light. The tones are dark and luminous and very particular to London."

To purchase Room by Celia Paul please visit The Pallant Bookshop.

Adam & Rowe represent Celia Paul's new prints.