David Jones: Vision and MemoryDavid Jones: Vision and Memory



The Art of David Jones: Vision and Memory challenges the simplistic view of David Jones (1895–1974) as an outsider or an eccentric and instead explores his work in relation to the wider cultural and intellectual climate of his times.

The authors focus on works of outstanding quality, including engravings from the 1920s, watercolours from 1926–32 and the most significant of Jones' later mythological drawings as well as his studies of trees and chalices and his unique painted inscriptions. Analysis of his technical virtuosity in diverse media enlarges our understanding of the highly original visual language and the symbolism that sustains it. The book also explores the relation of Jones' art to his Christian faith and his understanding of place and history.

Copiously illustrated, The Art of David Jones not only offers fresh insights into the career of a multi-talented British artist, but also adds to our understanding of the art and cultural history of Britain from the First World War through to the 1960s.


ISBN 978-1-869827-95-3
176 pages
Published by Lund Humpries