Eduardo Paolozzi: Collaging CultureEduardo Paolozzi: Collaging Culture

Sponsors & Supporters

Sponsors and Supporters

We would like to thank the Sponsors and Supporters of Eduardo Paolozzi: Collaging Culture whose generosity ensures the development of a lively programme of exhibitions, and enables more people to have better access to the arts.

Exhibition Sponsors

GAM Asset Management
Jonathan Clark & Co
Zero C

Exhibition Supporters

The Henry Moore Foundation
Paolozzi Foundation
Paolozzi Supporters Circle

Eduardo Paolozzi Supporters' Circle

Victoria & Edward Bonham Carter
Keith and Helen Clark
E. Hasloch
Marcia Blakenham
David Hare
Elizabeth and Jerome O'Hea
Tania Slowe and Paddy Walker
Toovey's Antique & Fine Art Auctioneers

And all those who wish to remain anonymous

Headline Sponsor of the Gallery 2013


Supporters of the Gallery

Chichester District Council
Arts Council England