Frida Kahlo & Diego RiveraFrida Kahlo & Diego Rivera

Visitor Comments

Visitor Comments

A small selection of comments from visitors to our Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera exhibition.

What a Woman! Beautiful and strong. Loving the mono!!
Feeling very inspired. Amazing show. (Diego cool too ha ha!!)

Very well curated, rounded, insightful, and delightful to experience 
Frida show. My primary objective was to see the Nick Blinko show but
I brushed up on my Kahlo again last night and readied myself for a
double treat. Excellent.
Carlo Keshishian

Beautiful photos of a beautiful woman alongside her work which is
so real. Thanks Pallant House Gallery.


Its kind of interesting but I am here with my mum and I am only 10.

I quite like it, but a big part of my personality is the fact that I am
fickle, so I might not like it anymore tomorrow...

I am filled with admiration for the work of both these artists.
Hazel Morris

A wondering experience to be able to see these wonderful
pictures and drawings.


Well worth travelling down for. Breathtaking work.

A wonderful, beautifully explained exhibition.

Studied Kahlo for my GCSE exam. It's fantastic to see this beautiful
work in the flesh and its wonderfully laid out with Rivera's work
alongside it. Beautiful. ♥

Wonderful to see these amazing pictures. How nice not to have to 
go to London to see an exhibition of this calibre.

S. Anderson

Now inspired to never wax my eyebrows or upper lip again ever.

After years of admiring her work I feel a personal connection to it 
and have been deeply moved and inspired here today. She lived
an incredible life which is shown so aptly through her paintings
which are simultaneously violently honest and deeply loving.


I came from Manchester to see Frida's work for the first time 'for real'
- Overwealming but everything I hoped for. She was a genius. Great
setting for her too.