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Visitor Comments

Visitor Comments

Superb retrospective of an often undervalued master. His figurative excellence is something wonderful now lost in the world of Contemporary art.
Nicholas, London

Fantastic! What more can I say?! Emily, Chichester

I was stuck behind a bus on the road depicted in English Scene No.2
last Saturday near Buxton! A wonderfully protean account of
landscape with mystery, magic and death lurking.

P.Fitton, Rochdale

I knew this would be a good show but I didn't dream
it would be this good. Thanks.

Had never heard of Edward Burra until a week or so ago then the BBC4 programme made me want to come and see for myself. Fascinating exhibition, great paintings - so thought provoking. A strange man would like to know more!

An excellent tour of the horrors of the twentieth century - and its beauty.

Amazing use of colour, subject, and so much finesse. Quite eerie and
otherworldly. This artist couldn't help himself... Stunning body of work...

Loved the colour of the paintings and how they were presented. Great to see
Edward Burra's paints and brushes got a real feel of how he was...