Visitors Comments

Visitors Comments

Anna Fox: RESORT has certainly started a debate about British culture within our visitors comment book. Here are a few that we can publish online. If visiting the exhibition we recommend that you read the visitors comment book in room 16, believe us, it will be worth it...

I really love this exhibition. Think it's my favourite of all time. I love how it just captures the moment so vividly. The colour is awesome! I love how I can recognise the expression because it is all so natural and I relate to the pictures and feel like I'm part of them. My mum is DEFINATELY taking me to Butlins!
Mirandz Smith, Aged 12, London

Foxy pulls it off again. The great British public at their best.

Amazing interior strong colours. 'You will enjoy yourself'.
Fascinating insight.
I. Sherman

My first holiday away from my mum and dad was with my nana and grandad at Butlins - in the late 50's it was a place of excitement and adventure - these photographs document how exciting it still is - love the high colour.
Jane Bentley

Fabulous, in your face photos of a great 
British institution - Inspiring

What a wonderful record of Butlin's! 
Marion Fenn, Bognor Regis

Slightly bizarre. A bygone era but a photo taken in 2011 - Im perplexed!
Perhaps thats because I haven't been to Butlin's... I may need to go now.
Love the scale of the photos. Good Job!

Hilarious comment book. 

I like the splash photo, it makes me want 
to jump in the pool! 
Emily, aged 13

Fabulously uplifting - Britain at play. I agree with the comment in the visitors book about not everyone being able to fly to Tuscany to holiday. Great photos.

Butlins has certainly changed since I use to go in the 1960's.
Where are the knobbly knees?