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Edward James: A Special Friend

Edward James was one of the most important figures in the lives of the Surreal Friends. A wealthy and flamboyant Englishman, he patronised amongst many, Dali, Magritte and Man Ray.

James converted his hunting lodge at West Dean, near Chichester in West Sussex, England into a Surrealist dream. He also built, along with his Mexican friend, Plutarco Gastelum, a surrealist garden of Eden, Las Pozas in Xitila, San Luis, Potosi, Mexico.

Following the war, James collected work by all three women and forged close lasting friendships with both Carrington and Horna. James gave Horna works by Carrington and Varo, and on separate occasions, playfully proposed marriage to  Horna and Carrington.

The most distinctive pavilion in Las Pozas, the 'double staircase to nowhere', was designed by Carrington, who also painted a mural in El Castillo, the townhouse in Xilitla that Plutarco built for himself, his wife and friend Edward James.