Surreal FriendsSurreal Friends

Francisco Toledo: Papalotes

29 May - 12 September 2010
Stairwell Installation, Pallant House Gallery

To coincide with the exhibition Surreal Friends, the eighteenth-century stairwell will be filled with art kites by Francisco Toledo, one of Mexico's greatest living artists, and his studio team. In Nahuatl, 'Papalotes' means butterflies but it also refers to Kites. Toledo himself is a Zapotec, from the state of Oaxaca, which has an immensely rich culture and a fierce political history. 

Toledo's themes are routed in that culture where the relationship between nature and human beings is central. Apart from his achievements as a teacher, artist, ceramist and graphic artist, he has championed the preservation of Oaxaca city, its culture and created opportunities for many aspiring artists. He founded libraries, printing studios, and art galleries in the city and in the state. He has received many awards for his work.

Three of his children inherited the artistic gene of their father. One of them, Dr Lakra  is now a well known artist in his own right. For the first time Toledo and Lakra's work will be shown together at the Sydney Biennial this year.

Each kite is an work of art, both unique and affordable individual kites will be for sale but to be collected at the end of the exhibition after the 12th September 2010.