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The David Medd Collection of Modern British Prints

A presentation of Modern British prints bequeathed by the leading post-war schools architect David Medd (1917-2009), including iconic works by Edward Bawden, Henry Moore, Graham Sutherland, and Robin Tanner created in a range of different printmaking techniques including linocuts, wood engravings, and etchings.

The David Medd Bequest features prints and drawings by the celebrated printmaker Edward Bawden (1903-1989) such as his iconic linocuts of ‘Brighton Pier' (1958) and ‘Liverpool Street Station' (1960), as well as playful images such as ‘Old Crab and Young' (1956) from the Aesop's Fables, ‘Tyger! Tyger!'(1974) inspired by William Blake, and a domestic cat playing with a ball of string in ‘Play with Me' (1984).

The collection also includes prints by Robin Tanner (1904-1988) and George Mackley (1900-1983), two of England's greatest wood engravers, whose work was characterised by a crispness and economy of line. Etchings by Henry Moore (1898-1986) focus on subjects close to home: ‘Sheep' (1974) depicts the grazing animals that surrounded the artist's home at Perry Green in Hertfordshire and ‘Girl doing her Homework V' (1974) shows his teenage daughter Mary.

Other works in the Bequest include two entomologically-inspired prints by Graham Sutherland (1903-1980): ‘Expulsion and Killing of an Enemy' (1976) an aquatint from the Bee Series and ‘Beetles II' (1968) a lithograph from the portfolio ‘A Bestiary and Some Correspondences'; prints and watercolours by Walter Hoyle, William Russell Flint and Kenneth Rowntree.