A Collection of CollectionsA Collection of Collections

A 'collection of collections'

Pallant House Gallery is much more than an art gallery. It tells the story of a number of individuals, all passionate collectors of art who generously donated their lifetimes’ labours to the Gallery for the benefit of the public.

Since Dean Walter Hussey's gift of works by Henry Moore, John Piper, Ceri Richards, Graham Sutherland and others that led to its inception in 1982, the Gallery has attracted the interest of other benefactors, most notably Charles Kearley and Sir Colin St John Wilson. The core of this ‘collection of collections' is Modern British art but other artworks figure such at the Bow Porcelain of the Geoffrey Freeman Collection. Each group of works has been formed by different impulses and lends its own character to the collection, making the experience of Pallant House Gallery engaging, insightful and unique.