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Adopt an Artwork

Help us to ensure the long-term preservation of items in our permanent collection with our Adopt an Artwork scheme.

With over 4000 items to care for in our permanent collection, the long-term preservation of our most vulnerable works is one of the Gallery’s biggest challenges.

You can help us achieve this via our Adopt an Artwork scheme. Choose from our list of works needing extra care, currently including works by Pablo Picasso, Terry Frost and Laura Knight.

By helping to support the Gallery in this way, you’ll receive:

Exclusive access to the artwork during and after the conservation process

A personalised certificate

Before and after conservation photos

An official thank you letter from our Director

A credit on our website (if you wish)

Conservation at the Gallery includes both ‘preventative’ conservation - procedures that slow deterioration, prevent damage and create optimum conditions for the preservation of items - and ‘interventive’ conservation – treatment by a trained conservator to repair or restore damage or unacceptable change on an object. Different mediums have various requirements and challenges to their conservation. We are currently seeking support by adopting your choice from a selection of our works on paper.

If you are interested in adopting an artwork, please contact Beth Troakes, Development Officer (b.troakes@pallant.org.uk / 01243 770811).