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Art History Courses

Art History Courses

Deepen your knowledge of art history with our expert tutors. Courses can be booked in full or as individual sessions and include refreshments. Suitable for all levels.

From Impressionism to the Turner Prize

Follow the history of modern art from its beginnings in mid-19th century France to the early 21st century, exploring how some of this art can still cause excitement and outrage. The last three sessions include: Post WWII Art, Modern Sculpture and Post-Modernism.

London Calling: Art Treasures of London

Commences 24 Jan 2018
A four session course exploring a wide variety of major masterpieces in London’s most significant galleries, from medieval works in the National and Courtauld Galleries, TATE Britain and Tate Modern’s brand new Switch House.

Looking into Art

Commences 4 Apr 2018 
This five session course examines how painters and sculptors use various techniques to make their works convincing, using line, colour, perspective, scale and references to art of the past. Sessions include: How Artists Engage our Emotions, Why Size Matters, Pigments and Materials, and Signs and Symbols.

Pop Art in the Swinging Sixties

Sat 7 Apr, 11am–1pm
This one session course explores Pop Art’s brightly-coloured response to the world of consumerism, youth culture and the mass media in Britain and the USA.