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Saturday Art In Focus

Explore a wide range of modern art concepts, genres and themes in this series of lectures on Saturday mornings.

Full course £130
Individual sessions £30

Getting to Grips with Abstract Art
Sat 1 April, 11am–1.30pm

Ways of Looking: The Golden Section and the Colours Red, White and Blue
Sat 6 May, 11am–1.30pm

A Brief History of Women in Art
Sat 3 June, 11am–1.30pm

Inspirations of the City: Art of the River and the City
Sat 8 July,

An Armchair Tour of Tate Britain and Tate Modern
Sat 5 August,

Book the full five sessions online or contact reception on 01243 774557 / Individual sessions can be booked via the links above or reception.